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Exceptional People, Exceptional Results

The SALVIS GROUP professionals have assisted many organizations who own, operate or maintain assets with developing long-term Asset Integrity strategies related to managing sustaining capital funding programs.

We are able to assist our clients in managing “the funnel” and various programs & projects as we have held a variety of senior management positions with personal responsibility for delivering major projects, thus ensuring the best use of capital investment for building and maintaining assets to the highest standards of safety and reliability at the lowest acceptable level of risk.





Dave is a strategic thinker with over 20 years of operations consulting. He is an expert in building sustainable competitive advantages in diverse business environments.

Dave has experience in plant design and layout, measurement systems, continuous improvement and the identification and management of constraints. He has helped to plan and start up new businesses, as well as drive improvements within large sophisticated organizations.

Dave has an MBA from the Ivey School of Business, along with an undergraduate sciences degree from Queen’s University.

Please feel free to contact Dave at:

Executive Director

Atul is a visionary leader who creates successful business strategies that are supported by innovative business, organizational, marketing and sales plans.

After 23 years progressing to the executive level at Procter & Gamble, Atul has held a variety of C-level positions in mid, small and start up companies giving him rich insight on how to approach business challenges.  He has broad experience in marketing, sales, R&D, HR and manufacturing that enable a holistic approach to business management and growth.

Atul has a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University.

Please feel free to contact Atul at:



David is highly resourceful supply-chain process improvement professional with over 25 years of consulting experience.

Knowledgeable, methodical, diligent and focused, David applies his strengths assisting organizations to reengineer key business processes, implement and realize significant sustainable services and cost improvements across wide variety of industries.

Please feel free to contact David at:



Alana Cates

Practice Lead, Management Training Development & Delivery

Alana is a multi-certified quality professional with a track-record of delivering cost reductions and continuous improvement through employee development.

From streamlining processes to managing change, Alana enables employees to see better ways of approaching their work through to understanding and applying proven tools and techniques to get the job done faster and easier.

A Chemical Engineer from the University of Waterloo, Alana has delivered quantifiable proven savings in automotive, consumer products, insurance and courier businesses.


VP, Business Development

Ross is a senior account executive with extensive experience sourcing and developing B2B sales opportunities.

With over 30 years of experience delivering quantifiable cost reduction savings in the financial, insurance, and employee benefits sectors, Ross has built enduring business relationships by providing a competitive advantage to a diverse group of senior business leaders.

As a trusted business partner with excellent communications and interpersonal skills, Ross provides cost containment and risk mitigation strategies to clients. Ross owns and operates Bauer Benefits in addition to providing business development support to Salvis Group. 

Please feel free to contact Ross at:


Practice Lead, Risk and Strategic Sourcing

Kim is a supply chain, contracts and risk management professional with over 19 years as an independent consultant, contract work encompasses a variety of governmental and private sector projects.

Expertise includes complete set up of new procurement and contracting departments, strategic procurement training, competitive bid management, contract negotiations and contract implementation and construction project management.




We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Sacré-Davey Engineering.  Sacré-Davey provide engineering and project management services. Their professional advice and technical expertise help clients improve return on investments.


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