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Project Improvement


Stratified Triangle

“We take a holistic view of your organization to ensure your solution fits your needs.”


The Salvis Group are not engineers; however, we work with engineering firms and asset owners to optimize the total lifecycle of assets from initial concept through design, build, operate, maintain and major refurbishment. 

Newly commissioned assets often fail to ramp-up in a safe and predictable manner to nameplate production levels. The project’s ROI (Return on Investment) will erode as delays and lost opportunity costs accumulate.

Salvis Group safeguards a project’s ROI by ensuring the entire organization is operational ready to support the new assets.

Operational Readiness

Ensuring the enterprise resources (people, business processes, information, assets & systems) are in place and fully functional to fulfill the project mandate and achieve the planned return on investment. Operational readiness facilitates a safe and predictable ramp-up to planned nameplate production levels. Properly done, operational readiness efforts range from 1 to 5% of typical EPCM contract costs. Failure to properly prepare for operational readiness typically costs organizations 4 times what they should have spent.

​Project Delivery Model Audits

Design or enhance existing business processes for large scale project management from initial concept through pre-feasibility, feasibility, basic engineering to detailed design and execution to completion (i.e. newly designed or built assets / facilities or new product development launch)

​Project Quality Assurance Audits

Ensuring the best use of an organization's resources by adopting value improvement practices by phase to ensure assets are designed and built "fit for purpose" at the best value in terms of cost, quality and timeliness of delivery.

​Shutdown Planning and Execution

Successful shutdown management requires a holistic approach encompassing business strategy, executive leadership, mobilization of internal and external stakeholders, clearly defined and managed scopes of work supported by extensive planning, scheduling and co-ordinated execution / reporting of work to ensure all work is completed safely and in a predictable manner to schedule.




The SALVIS GROUP has deep technical knowledge and experience, having delivered operational excellence projects in across multiple functional areas including supply chain, operations, maintenance and business process in a variety of organizational departments.

High Uncertainty Project Planning & Execution

Standard Project Management involves breaking the project down into a group of interrelated tasks, estimating the time and budget needed for each task, scheduling the tasks and using controls to stick to the plan.  What sets high uncertainty projects apart is the significant uncertainty involved. For example, a construction firm building a new sub-division can predict the time and cost for each task. Unfortunately, a R&D team may not be able to predict how long a specific task will take, or even if it can be successfully completed.  In these cases, an alternative to the standard project management approach is needed.



Project Improvement


Stratified Triangle

“We take a holistic view of your organization to ensure your solution fits your needs.”

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