Mass Confusion on Engineering Projects

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Client Situation:

An international mining company delegated engineering projects under $50 Million to the local site engineering services group.


Complex engineering projects were made more complicated by a lack of; standardized business processes and procedures with clearly defined roles & responsibilities across a large number of internal and external stakeholder groups involved.

​A lack of standard tools, templates, and non-standard document management controls significantly impacted project costs with delays in execution and poor customer service.

​The organization was frustrated working at cross-purposes with no defined “road map” to execute a portfolio of multi-year funded projects.


Developed, documented and trained 600 employees as part of the implementation of the new project delivery model.

The model defines what needs to be done, when, by whom, & to what extent using standardized tools and templates defining individual stakeholder’s roles & responsibilities to ensure quality and integrity of the process for projects delivered.


Significant savings realized to date with the system continuously being enhanced by the user group with an adopted standard project methodology and nomenclature.

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