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Only the strong survive.
How do you measure up?

Are you in the first quartile? 

If not, you would be wise to contact us today.



Bell Curve

Contact us for a no obligation laser focused coaching session on your self-assessment results.

A normal distribution frequently occurs when you compare many observations.  For example, companies in the same industry.

Half of the companies will score “Quartile 2” or “Quartile 3” not bad but there is room for improvement.

Only the best companies will be in the 1st Quartile like students who get all “A’s”. They are the leaders in quality, value and service while effectively managing costs in whatever they do. These are the most highly valued and for good reason. 

In the 4th Quartile are companies with borderline profitability.  These organizations struggle with poor cost control, unreliable productivity, quality issues and a host of other symptoms stemming from their root cause problems.

Download one or more of Salvis Group’s free self-assessments.

Complete it to find out how you score. Then, if you like, book a no obligation confidential debriefing to discuss your results. 

Maximizing Business Value

Are you as a business owner seeking optimal sale price?

Asset Integrity / Maintenance→
Are your assets healthy & fit for purpose?

Management Operating Systems→
Are you experiencing “chaos” in your business? Take control.

Strategic Planning→
Are you really executing your strategic plan?

Supply Chain Optimization→
Are you totally in sync and optimized?

Operational Readiness→
Are you confident that there are no hidden elements that could prove catastrophic?

Planned Shutdowns→
Are you ready for the unexpected? (or are you counting on reality following your plan) 

High Uncertainty Project Planning→
Are you developing and commercializing new technology? (Standard project management tools are ill suited for these special cases)

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